Who we are

Our Team


Managing Director, Founder & AI Expert

Niklas Donges

  • Phone+(49) 151 41233439
  • E-Maildonges@markov-solutions.com

From 2017 to 2019, Niklas worked part-time for the SAP Machine Learning Foundation as a Machine Learning engineer. Additional to that, he is the owner of „machinelearning-blog.com" and a technical AI-blogger for the „Towards Data Science“ publication on "Medium.com". He already worked at several AI projects like Sales Forecasting, Speech Recognition and Recommender Systems with companies like Metro and Xing.


Founder & AI Expert

Philipp Friebertshäuser

  • Phone+(49) 157 89408652
  • E-Mailfriebertshaeuser@markov-solutions.com

Philipp currently works at the Charite Universitätsmedizin in Berlin at a medical imaging problem with Artificial Intelligence. He worked for 1,5 years as a scientific worker, published several scientific papers, has an engineer’s degree in mechanical engineering, and is one of the winners of Facebook’s 2018 AI Hackathon in Berlin.


Business Development

Benedikt Schneider

  • Phone+(49) 157 86031618
  • E-Mailschneider@markov-solutions.com

Benedikt is an International Business Administration student at the WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar. He is already experienced in the Venture Capital and start-up scene because of his work as a business analyst at M2P Venture & Capital Partners in Hamburg.

Our Vision

AI and its main technique, Machine Learning, are omnipresent. You hear constantly in the news about how AI will change our world and society over the next few decades, and that it is a key technology for the future. AI is undoubtedly a thriving field with many practical applications. The problem is that many people want to participate in this revolution but are overwhelmed by its technological sophistication. They don’t know what AI is capable of, let alone how they could use it for their company.

And this is exactly, where we come into play. We aim to bring light into the dark, so that our customers aren’t scared of the future but excited to be part of it. We help companies to get confident in the application of AI in their day to day business, to remain competitive over the next years and decades.