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Our consulting is based on our technical expertise with AI technologies. It contains insights that we gained from studying the transformation of Google and Baidu into AI-based companies. These companies are now much more valuable largely because of the way in which they use AI, but much of the additional value that it will create, will go beyond the software sector.

We believe that it is possible for any company to get strong in AI, you just need people who know the technology.

Below you can find the steps that we go through during our consulting program.

Experts of our team will come to your company to have a first meeting with you. The aim of this meeting is to understand your needs and aspirations for our consulting. Your level of knowledge and experience with technology, especially AI, is taken into consideration. With that knowledge in mind, we are able to plan our consulting process suited to your business.
This is the main part of our consulting. Here, we will equip you with the fundamental knowledge about AI that is needed to make business decisions about AI-powered projects. Except you specifically want it, this training will only include things that are relevant to make decisions regarding AI, without technical details.

You will learn how other companies leveraged AI to improve their business, how far the technology is today, the major types of AI algorithms, the attributes of projects that are suitable for AI and much more.

Afterwards, you will know what AI is capable of and what not. This is an important skill because although AI is capable of many impressive things, it can't do everything. With that knowledge, you are able to judge whether an idea is technically possible or not. Some people might say that technical feasibility is obvious, but many companies out there are investing time and effort into AI projects that are not possible with current AI technologies. This happens because they lack a proper understanding of what is possible and what isn't.

In the end, our training enables you to judge quickly about possible use cases and to take your business to the next level with AI.
We learned that you need a pilot project to get the ball rolling within your company. The goal of this project should not necessarily be to gain tremendous value but rather to be meaningful enough so that its success builds familiarity and trust in AI within your employees. Because no one knows the ins and outs of your business better than the people who work within it, they can come up with the most valuable use-cases for AI, once they are convinced about its effectiveness. This is crucial, because we learned that there is often significant skepticism against new technologies within the workforce.

The ideal case is that, during this project, our team of engineers works together with an internal team of your company. This internal team has deep knowledge about its domain and can therefore guide and supervise our engineers at the domain specific parts of this project. This is helpful because domain knowledge is often a crucial prerequisite for AI projects.

This is a repeatable process to gradually build momentum that leads to more and more successful projects. Some business leaders will think that developing an AI plan or strategy comes first but most companies won’t be able to develop a proper strategy until they had some experience with AI.
This will enable you to gain value from AI projects over the next years, while also developing unique and durable competitive advantages in ways that are difficult for competitors to replicate. This plan guides your company through the next years with these competitive advantages as clear goals in mind. The goal is not to compete with tech-giants like Google but to develop unique advantages that enable you to become a leading AI company in your specific branch.

Since data is the fuel for AI algorithms, our plan also includes a proper data acquisition strategy. This is important because more high-quality data results in better algorithms. The goal is that you will have data that no one else has, which makes it possible to build algorithms and products that no one else has.

The result is a well defined plan for building AI projects, resource allocations, data acquisition etc.

About Our Vision

Most people don’t know what AI is capable of, let alone how they could use it for their company. This is exactly where we come into play. We aim to bring light into the dark, so that our customers aren’t scared of the future but excited to be part of it. We help companies to get confident in the application of AI and Machine Learning in their day to day business, to remain competitive over the next years and decades.

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