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AI-Powered Solutions


Our AI-powered solutions automate, ease and shorten repetitive processes.

These solutions are customized to client specific processes and built with state of the art technologies. If required, they are delivered as a "full system" with software and hardware.

At the moment, there are numerous tasks out there that can easily be improved or even automated with current AI technologies. Feel free to approach us if you have an idea about a potential use case. We are happy to discuss that with you.

Use Cases for AI

Below you can see examples of AI use cases as inspiration.
Since AI is a flexible technology, it can be applied to a variety of processes.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about a potential project!

Natural Language Processing

  • Content Extraction
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Document Classification
  • Speech to Text
  • etc.

Computer Vision

  • Object Detection & Tracking
  • Image Classification & Segmentation
  • Activity Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • etc.

And beyond

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Automated Control
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • etc.

Example of a Use Case

Among others, AI will transform the manufacturing industry. It will improve quality control, shorten design times and reduce material waste. An example of a possible application is quality inspection.

The current reality is that many employees in factories are spending their time with spotting defects on production lines, but this can easily be automated with AI. Indeed, AI is even faster, more reliable, can monitor numerous products at once, and can spot defects that go beyond what the human eye can distinguish.

A system like that just needs a camera and a computer that we install in your company. It will detect damaged products on assembly lines immediately and inform the person in charge.



Below you can find the steps that we go through to build customized and state of the art AI Solutions.

Markov's experts analyze your company and develop new ways to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your products or business processes. We work together with you to determine the right project objectives that enable us to build and train a solution that is suited to your needs.
After the ideation meeting, we will start acquiring data about the project at hand that is required to train our AI models. In the example of quality inspection, this would mean that we take many pictures of faultless and also damaged products, so that our algorithms are able to learn the difference between them.
When the data is accumulated, our team of engineers starts to build a first prototype. When the prototype is finished, our team gathers feedback from you and tries it out in real world circumstances. The system gets improved iteratively till it fulfills all requirements. It gets tested heavily during this process and has to fulfill several quality requirements to ensure that everything works as it should.
Lastly, our engineers deploy the finished AI algorithm as part of a software program on our servers. Members of our team will then come to your company to install the system. Then they will run several tests to ensure that everything works in order with our standards of quality and to your complete satisfaction.
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